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VISUAL ARTS: GILL HOBSON – Questions of Light, Time and Space

Gill Hobson is an artist who refuses to be complacent. Constantly challenging herself in her artistic practice, at the heart of her work is a ringing consistency of ideas: of time, place, space and light and how to unify them to create work that speaks to our contemporary world and ways of living. Known best for intricate pieces in glass and metal – imagine the most elaborate peacock’s tail in glass and filigreed metal – that work was concerned with patterns of surface, colour, light and tactility and, for Gill, trying to make sense through making, arrangements and forms. ‘I developed a particular approach and style to using those materials that is about this location, here in Northern Lincolnshire, but I felt I was only speaking about a tiny area of what fascinates and motivates me in being an art-maker and researcher.’ In 2007, Gill embarked on a Masters in Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University. It marked a change of direction and renewed her commitment to developing her artistic p…

Frank's Wild Years 'a strangely elegaic novel' Reviewed at Crime Fiction Lover

In amongst the all-consuming three Rs - reading, writing and researching - for Ted Lewis's biography, many thanks to David Prestidge over at Crime Fiction Lover website for his review of Frank's Wild Years. To read the review, click HERE.

'Lewis's Return Home' - Listen Now

For anyone who missed the Ted Lewis documentary Lewis's Return Home on Radio 4 this afternoon, it's available to listen again on the BBC iplayer for 7 days.

Just click HERE for the link.

And don't forget, Nick Perry's new adaptation of 'Jack's Return Home' starts tomorrow night at 11pm.

Jack's Return Home - Radio 4 Adaptation

'I've seen a few corpses over the years, in my line it's inevitable.'
I'll keep this one brief: the new BBC Radio 4 adaptation of Ted Lewis's dark, prescient 1970 novel, Jack's Return Home is to be broadcast later this month, running into September.
Adapted from Lewis's novel by Nick Perry and produced for the BBC by Toby Swift and Sasha Yevtushenko, Jack's Retun Home stars Hugo Speer as Jack Carter, Lewis's hard man anti-hero returning after eight years to the steel town of Scunthorpe - here named for the first time as Carter's hometown - bent on avenging the murder of his brother. It locates Carter back in Jackson Street with the George, the Cecil, the Kardomah, Woolworths and John Collier suits.
'I was into my second pint when who should walk in but Eric bloody Paice.'
Jack's Return Home is broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on 28th August, 4th September, 11th September and 18th September at 11.00pm.
Lewis's Return Home - a short do…